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Don't install another system until you talk to us. Our expertise on grounding, surge, and robustness in RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, fiber optics and Ethernet will make your data communication smoothly, reliability.......

EC Data Technologies
is a singapore company that provides the products and information on RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, Ethernet, USB, and Fiber Optics serial communication products all around the world
In addition to standard products, EC Data provides customized solutions that can include development of special hardware and software; for all cases EC Data guarantees a technical assistance that continues for a long time after the delivery.

If you have a special application, we may already have a solution for you!

Why Buy ECD Serial Communication Devices
EC Data Technologies products are designed for the industrial use by professionals in well
engineered systems. EC Data products offer Full three-way galvanic isolation, keeping both data ports and the power supply fully isolated from each other. Cheaper isolator designs only isolated one of the device's data ports, which may solve an immediate problem but create an opportunity for trouble in the future. Don't settle for a half solution. Insist on three-way isolation to ensure complete protection!

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