About EC Data Technologies Products

EC Data Technologies products are designed for the industrial use by professionals in well engineered systems. EC Data products offer Full three-way galvanic isolation, keeping both data ports and the power supply fully isolated from each other. Cheaper isolator designs only isolated one of the device's data ports, which may solve an immediate problem but create an opportunity for trouble in the future. Don't settle for a half solution. Insist on three-way isolation to ensure complete protection!

Isolation is an important consideration if a system uses different power sources, has noisy signals or must operate at different ground potentials.

Feature Set

  • Full three-way galvanic isolation

  • DIN rail mount for safe, secure mounting & repositioning in industrial systems

  • Effectively design partial and full galvanic isolation

  • Direct DC supply for industrial panels

  • LED indication for rapid system trouble-shooting

  • Surge management components ins ide (depends on model)

  • Good product documentation and technical support

  • Full isolated models have a 3-year warranty

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